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InSiDE Magazine

InSiDE Magazine (Innovatives Supercomputing in Deutschland) is the bi-annual publication of the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing, showcasing recent highlights and scientific accomplishments from users at Germany’s three national supercomputing centres.

Below is the latest issue of InSiDE and an archive of past digital issues. For back issues of the print edition, please contact  

Spring 2021 Issue

  • LRZ to Expand its Flagship Supercomputing System to Integrate HPC and AI 
  • Hawk Expansion Will Accelerate Research Combining Simulation and Artificial Intelligence
  • German National Supercomputing Centre Provides Computational Muscle to Look for Cracks in the Standard Model of Physics 
  • Researchers Use LRZ HPC Resources to Perform Largest-Ever Supersonic Turbulence Simulation 
  • HPC Helps Scientists in Quest for Advancing Hydrogen-Based Energy Storage
  • Researchers Use the Power of HPC to Elucidate Hund Metal Characteristics
  • SEQUOIA Project to Bring Quantum Computing to Industry
  • DEEP-SEA and REGALE Help Bolster Dynamic Software for Exascale
  • Advancing AI Technologies Towards Exascale Computing 
  • JUWELS Booster Early Days Help Users Make the Most of JSC’s GPU-Accelerated Module
  • LRZ Steps Into the Quantum Age
  • SAS Workshop Considers History of Imitation, Adaption, and Deception
  • Staff Spotlight: Reflecting on 35 Years of HPC, Recently Retired Application Support Group Leader Reflects on HPC Developments Past and Present

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